Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tricky Troika September Show 2015

 The Gray Wolf and The Fire Bird  - framed/ black 50cm x 50cm $300 SOLD

Shamakha Queen upon the Steppe. - framed/ white 50cm x 50cm $300

 The Soothsayer presents and Tsar Dadon with The Golden Cockerel  - framed/ white 50cm x 50cm $300

 Tsar Dadon looks across the Kingdom  - framed/ black 50cm x 50cm $300 SOLD

 Tsar Dadon's Son The Younger leaves for War  - framed/ black 50cm x 50cm $300

 The Fire Bird in the Tsar's Walled Garden - framed/ black 50cm x 50cm $300 SOLD

The False Princess and the Gray Wolf - framed/ white 50cm x 50cm $300

Friday, 5 June 2015

paper skazki @ ruck rover general store for the whole month of June

242 William Street, Northbridge

All works for sale, framed, please enquire in store or 08 9228 3502

Tsar Dadon's son, The Younger
9cm x 14cm $100

Fire Bird from Ivan Tsarevich, the Fire bird and the Gray wolf
9cm x 14cm $100

Tsar Dadon looks Eastward
9cm x 14cm $100

Ivan Tsarevich in The Ochard
9cm x 14cm $100 SOLD

Elena the Fair of The Thrice Tenth Kingdom
9cm x 14cm $100 SOLD

The Sorcerer, The Eunuch, The Astrologer, or the Old Soothsayer
9cm x 14cm $100

Princess Elena and the Gray Wolf
9cm x 14cm $100 SOLD

The Soothsayer sets eyes upon the Shamakha Queen
11cm x 16cm $100

Tsar's son, The Elder, sent Eastward by the Golden Cockerel
11cm x 16cm $100

Monday, 16 February 2015

Fringe World wraps up this weekend (23rd Feb 2015), if you get a chance to pop into The Gold Digger Bar at the Western Australian State Theatre and check out the prints I have for sale. If you like something that is already sold, drop me a line and I can have one made up for you!